The quality of service and the progress my child has made are amazing!
Trinetta P.; mother to Bane with Down syndrome
The ability to speak has opened up Jacob's world. Thanks to weekly speech at Monkey Mouths, he continues to strengthen both his language and communication skills.
Margaret Y.; mother to Jacob with Down syndrome
Monkey Mouths came highly recommended by our pediatric ENT and we have not been disappointed!  Christian loves working with Miss Randi, and we have been really pleased with his progress.
Donna M.; mother to Christian with expressive and receptive language delays
I feel that the therapists are very child-centered, caring and great at working with kids.
Jeanne C.; mother to Jackson with Down syndrome

"Tyron began showing signs of frustration when people didn't understand him. I wanted to give him the best possible chance as he got ready to start school. Ms. Lindsey has done that for him. He loves her and is complemented all the time about how well he is doing."

The therapists at Monkey Mouths continually educate themselves with the most current and relevant therapeutic techniques.  They relate to children of all abilities in a very personal and individualized way.  Both of my children who receive speech therapy at Monkey Mouths have made remarkable progress toward their goals.
Robyn H.: mother of Brock with autism, Down syndrome and cured severe feeding disorder and mother to Drake with an articulation disorder.
We had been to a few speech therapists but still had little language by the time Hayden was 4 years old.  A friend of mine told me about a gifted speech therapist that was opening her own clinic (more than 5 years ago).  When we started seeing Erin for therapy, it was clear she was different from the beginning.  She looked at my son as a whole, instead of just having Down syndrome.  You could see the wheels turning in her head on how she could help this child—and she did help him.  She gave him language which as been the greatest gift of all.
When my littlest son regressed into autism and eventually lost all of his language, it was clear that if he was to receive the best help to get him talking again, that would be at Monkey Mouths.  The boys love Monkey Mouths and race to the door to see who can get there first.  It is a fun and positive learning environment!
Crystal M.: Mother to Hayden with Down syndrome and Parker with autism and apraxia.

I have tried other therapists in the past.

My child either never took to the therapist or we never saw any results.  When we came to Monkey Mouths, Aaron started to thrive.  His vocabulary increased and his social skills have started to improve because of it.  He looks forward to coming to his therapy session every week.  Everyone here cares about their patients and it shows.

Rhae T.; mother of Aaron with autism

Ethan C. loves therapy because it is fun!

Close location, AMAZING therapists!
Lindsey C.; mother to Carson with Cerebral Palsy and VATER syndrome


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Ethan C. loves therapy because it is fun!

I have always heard Monkey Mouths is the Best!   Kim C.; mother of Ben with hearing impairment
In 3 months, we have seen so much progress.  We are so happy having Robert at Monkey Mouths.  His teachers, friends and relatives have all noticed the improvement.  He can finally say “Milk” when... more


Monkey Mouths is dedicated to alleviating injustice at the local, national and international levels. In addition to regular support of many local charities, beginning May 1, 2011, Monkey Mouths will donate a portion of all income to the International Justice Mission (IJM) IJM is a human rights agency that secures justice for children who are victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression.